3Dciencia - Scientific multimedia, animation & illustration. Animación, illustración y multimedia científica.

Contacto: Ramón Andrade
c/ Acuerdo 18
Madrid, 28015

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We create illustrations, multimedia and 3d animations about medical, bitechnology, mechanisms of action (MoA) and popular science.

Do not matters the complexity of ideas, graphic concepts to convey or its scale, it can be visible and understandable to much more audience. Furthermore, this can be achieved joining visual impact and aesthetics with accuracy and clearly.

MOAs, molecular processes, structure and protein function, illustration press improvement.

In adition to the graphics productión, we also give support on: obtaining adicional scientific information, scripting and informatión texts, voiceover, soundtract adition, etc.

Drafts, voiceover scripts, storybord, 3d character models and scene, animatics, full animation, video editing, rendering, compositing, programing, music, effects, titles, graphics, deliverables.


Illustrations, 3d animations and multimedia about medical, bitechnology, mechanisms of action (MoA) and popular science. At most cases than this requires decipt the invisible or the inaccessible. Because of this, a great part of the content is created in modelling and animation in 3D software.